A rapid test for the section of COVID-19 antigens in nasal swab specimens.


Ucopia Global, LLC was established in 2020 to source and provide supplies for communities dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic, capitalizing on relationships with equipment suppliers in Asia and decades of international business experience.

Currently, we combine sourcing, sales, development and supply chain capabilities to provide interesting products and services for select clients.

Stephen Cunningham


Stephen Cunningham has a background in international business, product development and start-ups, all of which combine to inspire this effort.

Box Contents:

How To Use:

Insert the swab into one nostril of the patient. The swab tip should be inserted up to 1 inch from the edge of the nostril. Roll the swab 5 times along the inside the nostril to ensure that both mucus and cells are collected.

Using the same swab, repeat this process inside the other nostril to ensure that an adequate sample is collected from both nasal cavities.

Withdraw the swab from the nasal cavity. The sample is now ready for processing using the kit.

Safely store your kits in room temperature.